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sheffield social forum


Inspired by the World and European Social Forums, and bonded by the belief in people over profit, Sheffield activists from diverse political backgrounds have organised to launch a Sheffield Social Forum.

The Sheffield Social Forum aims to be a place where people can communicate, learn from each other and form active campaigns around local issues. Its purpose is to make links between groups and between individuals, in the belief that getting together is vital for effective campaigning and local action.

The three ways that you can be involved right now are:

1) Join our discussion list - lively debate and practical organising (varies between medium to high traffic).

2) Come to our next meeting; these are a combination of hearing about local issues and actions from existing groups and organising for the launch event. They happen on the first and third Thursday of each month at the Sharrow Community Hall on John Street (near Bramall Lane).

3) Come to one of our democracy cafes to share your thoughts, and listen to others' on whatever range of issues participants are interested in on the night. Democracy cafes are a chance to discuss politics in a relaxed environment, without the political shinanegans and agenda pushing that sometimes goes on in political meetings. Follow the link for further details.

And, if you just want to know what we've got coming up, please join the announcements email list, you can do so from the contacts page.

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