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What's a Wiki?

A wiki is a set of linked webpages that are extremely easy for anyone to update. You can update webpages and even create entirely new ones with no more software than your usual web browswer, and no more training than that you can do yourself with 10 minutes reading (see the help page) and a bit of trial and error.

What's the point?

In organising to launch the SSF it quickly became obvious that our diverse group of volunteers need to work together on documents, in their own time, without necessarily being in the same room. Using a wiki there is no need to email files back and forth, and you always know you have the most up-to-date version because it is stored on a web server, and not on anybody's hard-drive.

A point of principle?

As well as convenience some people like to use wikis because they radically change the nature of web authorship and ownership. Unlike this page (where only a few people with the appropriate passwords and software can update the site) anyone can change the message of a page. This means we let go of personal pride (someone always comes along with something better) and replace it with a communal value in what we can achieve together.

Why you telling me?

First, because some of the links from this site point to pages on the wiki. Here the site will look and feel different. Also, you'll find that content changes relatively quickly, so its always worth checking back at a later date.

Second, if your interested in getting involved with the social forum then you can go and browse the wiki to see what we're working on. You can use the 'Related changes' function to see how ideas have developed.

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